10 Dec 2015
December 10, 2015

You should be here Spotlight: Styles by Carolyn

Styles by Carolyn is owned and operated by Carolyn Bullard, located in suite 23. She specialized in a wide range of weaving services, deep conditioning, relaxers, eyelash extensions and tutorial services for cosmetology students who are seeking real world experience in a salon environment. Styles by Carolyn uses Nairobi exclusively for servicing clientele.

Carolyn has been styling hair since she was 13 years of age and was inspired by her grandmother who was also a Cosmetologist. Watching grandmother work and assisting her only made her love for the hair industry grow so it was an easy transition into the profession for her.

The people, from all backgrounds and ages, are just one of the things Carolyn loves about the industry. You get to meet all types of people every day and Carolyn has a way of being able to make them all feel comfortable and right at home in her salon. Sometimes, you can tell by the demeanor of a client when they enter that something is wrong, so Carolyn takes the time to uplift them. She believes hair is a ministry because sometimes we have to pause for a moment to listen and encourage our clients. Couple that with a fierce new look and our clients leave ready to take on the world!

Being able to set your own hours in a facility that allows 24hrs 7 day a week access to build your business is a plus for Carolyn and adds to what she loves about being at Salon Central. The building is beautiful, her clients love it as well as being able to give privacy to her clients who have medical conditions when needed. “It doesn’t get any better than Salon Central”, Carolyn states boastfully.

Her grandmother would come to a stylist who was a tenant at Salon Central to get her hair done often and Carolyn would pass it on the way home often so one day she decided to stop by and inquire about a space. After meeting the owner and learning of all the amenities and benefits she immediately signed up to launch Styles by Carolyn.

When offering tutorial services to up and coming stylists or giving a word of advice to fellow entrepreneurs Carolyn gives two important tips. One, patience is key to your success. Remember Rome nor Oprah were built in one day. Two, you are your own advertisement. If you look the part and act the part it shouldn’t be hard to draw clients to you.

Holiday specials for Styles by Carolyn are: $10 off full sew-ins and $15 eyelashes December 21st through December 23rd.

Though Carolyn specializes in weaving she has also taken to designing kids clothing and bedazzling clothing, sports cups and more with her subsidiary company, Zoey’s Closet.

Styles by Carolyn is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 6:30pm. Carolyn can be reached at (704) 493-4918. Stay connected with Carolyn through FacebookInstagramTwitter.