When you enter HCP Hair Company your ears are invited to the smooth grooves of jazz with a clean and simple décor anyone looking for an exceptional grooming experience will desire. Greeted by Owner/Operator Lockwood, and James, fellow barber technician, your barber experience begins.

Being in the industry for 20 years Lockwood had plenty to share about his barbering experiences, HCP and its brand.

Lockwood created HCP in 1992. Seeking a concept that would be universal without having a face or label placed upon it. HCP stands for Hair Care Professionals and after one visit you will understand why that name rings true and why their motto is “the ultimate cut experience”.  It’s about more than the haircut itself, but the experience.

Services offered at HCP Hair Company consists of haircare, skincare and scalp care within the barbering industry. Straight razor shaves and eyebrow shaping are also offered. Specialty services include the thermal scrub therapy treatment and Alaskin mask. The thermal scrub therapy treatment is for anyone with keloids under the neck, chin area or back of the head. Come in biweekly and you will see results in 30 days. The Alaskin mask is a deep facial cleanser that solves issues with dry/oily skin, whiteheads and blackheads.

HCP also retails a wide range of products for mens grooming at home. Among them are Zypher, which is a dual action product that is a pore opener and doubles as an astringent for anyone using the razor on the head or face, it also helps reduce bumps and blade irritation.  And Zypher is made from 100% essential oils. Another product is Bully Beard, which is designed for the big beard guy. This product works as a treatment to keep the beard healthy. The Men’s Dept. line is also available. Products from this line used at HCP Hair are the shampoo, conditioner, styling gel and grooming crème.

After hearing about all the amazing things HCP has to offer we asked Lockwood what made him choose the barber industry as a career path. He stated that prior to barbering he was a full time college student and when his career path changed he needed a way to generate income.  After concentrating his talents and energy on his new career choice Lockwood realized how much the barbering industry had to offer, and how much he had to offer the industry.  Being able to meet his clients expectations through the clippers is exhilarating for Lockwood and his favorite thing about being a barber is meeting his clients expectations. “Knowing someone wants a particular look and I can manifest that through the clippers is a fulfilling moment.”

When asked what brought about the entrepreneurial leap, Lockwood is firm in his answer. Freedom! The freedom of being his own boss. In many other industries you have people standing over you or you have to follow a certain protocol concerning work and lunch hours. This is why he loves what he does. He can move freely. Lockwood feels the industry is also recession proof. Even if his price points have to change due to the economy, he is always in business.

Calling Salon Central home for the last 4 years we asked why he chose this establishment.  Lockwood states that he owned a 5 chair barbershop. He worked at his previous location for a few years before he became the owner through a turnkey agreement. Coming to Salon Central gave him the ability to still have ownership of his business. So after 4 years with Salon Central what does Lockwood love about it? He states, “I love the aesthetics of the building. Coming into Salon Central it looks like a place where people take care of their business. I love the fact that we have 24 hour access and that the owner was innovative enough to add amenities such as the café, employee lounge, kids corner, beauty supply store and waiting area. The amenities and price point trump the competition in the Charlotte area alone.”

Lockwood encourages fellow beauty and barber professionals, no matter how long you have been in the industry, to stay a student to the industry and to stay hungry. The industry is constantly evolving with new tools and techniques so you really want to stay ahead of the curve.

HCP Hair Company will be introducing the facial steamer and steam towel this month and currently offers a membership package for clients. Pay $300 for 12 haircuts and unlimited shapeups. Did we mention the cologne bar where you can sample colognes and place an order for your favorite scent. Now tell me that is isn’t “The Ultimate Cut Experience”.

Go to www.hcphaircompany.com for more information about the company, staff and book online. HCP Hair Company can be reached at (704) 912-5677 and is located in suite 5 here at Salon Central.