07 Dec 2016
December 7, 2016

Is your business ready for 2017?

We are in the final stretch of the 2016 year, the 4th quarter if you will. Have you started planning for the 2017 year? What goals do you plan to achieve for the year? What are your marketing ideas? Haven’t started yet? There’s still time to get rolling!

Take time to sit down and write out your goals for the 2017 year. Where are you now and where do you plan to be at the end of the year? Write down your large goals and then break them down in to small doable goals that you can accomplish daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Do you have marketing promotions already lined up for the year? If not, let’s get to work on writing those out too!

Proper planning and preparation elevates some of the pressure of coming up with last minute deals and promotions (even though those are ok to do at times). This also helps you track your business goals and run your business smoother throughout the year. You can see where you started, how far you have come, how far you have to go before achieving that goal and start another one.

Here is a template with seasonal or monthly events to help you set &keep track of your marketing plans for 2017.